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Situations to consider

Physical locations

If the desire to start operating a local cyber-casino becomes a reality, the process is quite simple and there should be no complications. The first step to take is to ask what resources do you have available at this time. Do you have a locale? Do you have computers? Does the locale have tables, chairs, desks, etc..? Do you have a constant internet connection? These are a couple of questions you need to answer for yourself before proceeding to the second phase, which would be the start of the operation itself. Once these questions are answered, one must ask, how will the cash flow in the business? Will there be an ATM to make deposits to customers? Are terminals equipped with a bill acceptor? Setting this cash flow is a critical part of the operation, and must not be taken lightly.


If the interest is leaning more towards an online site, as in a physical location, the theme is similar. We must ask, Do I already have a website? Do I have hosting? Do I have a graphic design that looks good? And then, as in the previous example, how will you conduct the flow of money from players to the account at the casino, and vice versa. At this point there are several options. You could enable the use of credit cards, or have a physical shop where people can recharge their accounts. It all depends on how you want to set the operation up.

Agents, Affiliates, Credit Sales

If the person concerned does not possessany infrastructure, and does not want to make an investment to build a business in the form of the previous two examples, a person can simply become an agent. This agent makes contact with businesses who may be interested in our product, explains the basics of the package, and manages to make a commitment. This is ideal for contacting establed cyber-cafes that may be looking for other income opportunities.


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