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A comparison of Netcafe, LAN and offline casino operations

Keeping the preceding table in mind, it is simple to visualize the different types of operations - netcafe casino - LAN casino - offline casino - which may best suit your needs. An internet connection is required for basically any operation unless it's a stand-alone machine, which can be quite expensive; even more if several units are required/wanted.

Our software operates mainly as a netcafe casino, but it is versatile enough to also run as a standalone online casino, or a terminal solution as well.

Important to note as well, is that an offline casino will not guarantee profit, which can cause severe losses for the operator, and at the same time having an offline variant will prevent the operator from offering jackpots, looking at real time reports, etc. On the other hand - the server based solution, including the LAN casino, offers much better control over the entire operation.

  Netcafe casino
(internet cafe casino)
LAN casino Offline casino
Server Remote Local
Internet connection
necessary for operation
new games/bugfixes
Client recovery
after terminal crashes
Network jackpot
between more cafes
Automatic backups
Remote administration
Bill acceptor support
Touch-screen support

Netcafe casino scheme
Netcafe casino scheme
LAN casino scheme
LAN casino scheme
Offline casino scheme
Offline casino scheme


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