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Land based casino operation

Operations in each country have their own differences. Some of the operators use web based versions of an application, while others are installing it on kiosks with bill acceptors. Some operators use a local server per each shop, while others use robust remote server solutions. During recent years it has established some basic operation types.

Internet cafe casino

The main business model here are casino games in a shop with computers (many times all-in-one PCs). This is a general name for all the terms described below. Player pays money to the cashier, which deposits credits to his account. In case the player wins, he can collect the money again via the cashier.

Cyber cafe casino

The primary business here is selling internet time where people can check email and surf the web. One of the side services is the possibility to play casino games. Cybercafes offer also other services like printing documents or copies.
Cyber Cafe Casino

Netcafe casino

Very similar to the internet café casino, it just describes that the games are running on a remote central server. The term netcafe casino could make a reference to the fact that the client containing the games doesn't need to be installed on each terminal and it could be (but must not be) a webbased version.
Netcafe casino features:
• Terminals auto update with new games
• Auto recovery if the terminal crashes
• Automatic backups
• Robust system with guaranteed availability 24/7
• Remote administration

netcafe casino

LAN casino

Is another variant of a netcafe casino with the games being evaluated on the local server. An advantage of this solution is that it doesn't require an internet connection. A LAN casino can run jackpots per each shop individually, however, it cannot contribute to the jackpot in a network that has grouped more cafes. A disadvantage of the LAN casino is that each café needs its own server, which is not just expensive for buy but also expensive for maintenance.
LAN casino features:
• One server per cafe/shop
• Internet connection is not necessary for operation
• Jackpots and community features available only per separate cafes

LAN casino

Offline casino

The casino with all games and RNG generator is installed on each terminal and the games run individually. This system has several disadvantagese.g. it cannot control the profit per cafe and cannot run jackpots. We do not suggest to use this variant, as the LAN casino or netcafe casino offers much more flexibility
Offline casino features:
• No server is necessary
• Internet connection is not necessary for operation
• Game will not recover after the terminal crashes
• No jackpots possible

offline casino

Kiosk casino

Players play the games on kiosks not on computers. Kiosks might look very similar to the gaming machine. Kiosks often have bill acceptors and are usually self service.

kiosk casino

Sweepstakes cafe

Users buy internet time and can browse the web, check email etc. Together with the purchase of internet time, they receive a certain amount of entries which they can reveal by playing casino simulated games.

Comparison of Netcafe, LAN and offline casino operation


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