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Sportsbook integrations

In the online casino world, competitors are constantly striving to offer new, unique, and an assorted variety of services.

One of the best ways to attract a whole new market is simply integrating the services of a casino to your sportsbook, which is now easier than ever thanks to our new API 2.0.

The benefits of offering a sports service in conjunction with your casino are several. The aforementioned ability to attract new clients is one of them, but there is also the opportunity to increase profit with your already established customers through the new service being offered. The average player may have not ever placed a wager in sports, but the just the fact he has the opportunity to do so at his fingertips for a few dollars may result in a new passion for said player.

It also works vice-versa. People may be attracted to the sportsbook at first, and while waiting for an event to start, or even while an event is in play, may just decide to play a few hands of blackjack, or a couple of spins in the roulette table.

Keep in mind, sports betting is also a whole different ball game than a casino. While our casino software can guarantee a profit for the operator due to the hold percentage and algorithms involved in the games, sports betting cannot be guaranteed to give a profit. The many variables involved in sports betting, such as the amount of bets placed on each team, which ideally should be 50% on each team; the ability of players to "buy points", the multitude of different types of wagers offered, and obviously the randomness of each events' outcome.

A sports service may also offer only the platform for wagers to be placed, but not cover any losses incurred. It may be wise to have a plan in place for a bankroll, at least until the operation has a steady rhythm and income. Obviously setting limits for your high rollers and having a competent staff that knows the industry should be a principal requirement.

A very important point to be aware of is the fact that when the integration is performed, all the customer data will not change. The only thing that will change is the new content (games) and a button to access said content. When the integration is finalized, there will be over 100 new games available, including slots, roulette, black jack, video pokers, keno, and plenty more. Add in the fact that we release about 15 new games per year, and they are updated and added at no extra cost to the user, integrations seem to be a win-win deal.


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