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Number of games played daily is related to the jackpot value

Jackpots are an attractive way to attract and keep customers. Just the mention of the word evokes thoughts of prizes, winning, and a general good feeling between customers, who will all enjoy someone getting the jackpot even if it is not themselves who have won the prize.

There are usually two types of jackpots, which are:

Mystery Jackpots:
These are the Jackpots most people are familiar with; usually there will be some kind of visual counter where the amount that has accumulated in the pot is visible. The bigger the amount, the more likely people are to play on that machine, in hopes of getting that big payout. The jackpot trigger is any random spin by a player, which will be usually accompanied by lights, bells, sounds, and any other method of attracting attention to the current winner.

Community Jackpots:
The main difference between community jackpots and mystery jackpots is the fact that a community jackpot prize will be split evenly between all active players at the time the jackpot is awarded. In this sense, community jackpots entice customers to keep on playing, given the fact they may feel that another jackpot is just a few minutes away.

How can jackpot increase you profit
From each bet a small rake - usually around 1% - is deposited to the jackpot. Therefore, it's crucial to set when the jackpots will hit. In most systems it's possible to set minimum and maximum values as to when the jackpot could be fired, as well as the initial value. You don't want your initial value at 0, since it does not look appealing to clients when they see a jackpot level at zero.

As an example, we can choose a jackpot starting at $500. The average amount of games played daily is 100.000. But once the jackpot reaches $1000 the amount of games has increased. This phenomenon is due to the fact that players are still playing as they believe that jackpot will be fired soon. As you can see, the games played are increasing and correlating with the jackpot value and in the moment when the jackpot was awarded, the amount of games come back down to the average number.

It's important to also find the appropriate length of jackpots being awarded while the players are playing against the jackpot. In our case, it's seven days. The jackpot value meanwhile reaches almost double - $2000 of the value when the players played against the jackpot and is 4 times as big as the initial value.

Another topic to be discussed is how many levels of the jackpots is necessary for the operation as well the frequency of winnings. Do not forget, that all the previous mentioned variables are limited to the amount of cash bets.

In an ideal case you can expect an increase of around 15%-25% in profit than usual. Of course, the biggest challenge is to find balanced point, where the players start to play against the jackpot but on the flip side, not to give out too much in the jackpot winnings. The tricky part is that the users, in every market/country and type of operation, have these limits set differently.


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