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Guidelines and tips for your cybercafÚ casino

If the online casino business opportunity has appealed to you, this article may be of great help. Before setting up the logistics of your casino however, one of the most important factors to consider is choosing the right online casino provider. Several companies offer the online casino product, but it is very important to choose the one that caters to your needs. This process of selecting an online casino provider may prove tedious, but once you have made the right decision, the time invested in researching these casinos will have paid off in peace of minds, and eventually, profit!

The purpose of this article is to give the reader some insight into how to attract more players, get them to stay longer and play even more. These tips are not set in stone, and can be changed to suit the operator's style, market, and purpose; however, they can be applied in one way or another to most establishments.

1. No time
This is one of the oldest, if not the oldest trick in the book. There should be no clocks or any representation of time whatsoever. This also includes having no windows, or tinting them dark so people cannot tell the difference between night and day. When people are focused on something, time will seemingly pass by quicker. With no visual cues in regards to the passing of time, people can easily waste hours away without even noticing. Day can become night without a person realizing it, and still be entranced by the possibility of a win in his next hand, even though he may have started playing with the intention of only staying for a short period of time.

2. Location, location, location
The location of the business itself is important, but this focuses more on the internal location of bathrooms, any food or beverage offerings, and even the location of the cashier. If you study the layout of larger casinos in the world, most of these services are located deep within the operation, where a person has to walk by all the machines again, make a lot of turns, in general just a maze-like series of paths. This discourages people from leaving just based on the fact that some people are lazy.


3. Comps
Who doesn't like free things? Any type of free item will always appeal to people. Whether it be a coupon for a meal, a drink, or even the valet service, people are attracted to what they see as bargains. This is especially important for the low-rollers, who in most of the big casinos, are not even taken into consideration. In a smaller operation though, this demographic is what keeps the business alive and rolling. It costs almost nothing to reward them with something small, and this will make them feel important and appreciated, and most of them will come back to an establishment they feel appreciates their business and presence.

4. Designing your space
Tying in with point #2, casinos are generally designed as mazes. Confusing twists and turns, escalators, elevators, rows of machines blocking your panoramic view so you can't get your bearings easily. Add this to the fact that there are no windows and the ceilings are low, people get a sense of being lost, and in some cases, may be willing to spend the last chips they have just due to the fact it's too much of a hassle to get out at the moment

5. Alcohol
Also one of the oldest tricks, but definitely one of the more powerful. Besides already being provided for free, and as we said before, who doesn't love free stuff? Add this to the fact there are beautiful cocktail waitresses walking around taking orders, being friendly and maybe a little flirty, boosting peoples' confidence; what person wouldn't want to stay still, and keep on playing? Alcohol also helps make the smart players sloppy. Alcohol will slow the decision making process in anybody, and this will lead to poor decisions, which translate to winnings for the house. Alcohol may also influence a person's betting strategy, making them more likely to raise their bets, or to veer away from the basic black jack strategy they were attached to.

6. Advertising
This is advertising, but not in the traditional way of promoting the business to outsiders. This is advertising designed to take advantage of what has happened INSIDE the business. When players win big, SHOW IT. Other people will take notice, and feel as if they may be next in line for a big win also, the reasoning usually being: "If he won, so can I!"

Pop a bottle of champagne, throw confetti around, make a spectacle and advertise the fact that SOMEONE WON BIG! People will notice this, and not pay so much attention to the fact that huge losses are quietly being played away.

Even better, some establishments have put in place a "Wall of Fame", advertising the biggest winners in the casino, along with the dates of each win, with maybe the players' names or pictures attached. This will evoke a sense of community, and also generate the familiar feeling of "If he won, so could I".

7. Make it shiny!
A casino is usually full of bells, whistles, and sounds that evoke WIN! WIN! WIN! Even if a machine is losing, it will still pump out euphoric sounds. People respond to positive sounds in a positive way. Lights and sounds coming from the machines will also make the atmosphere seem more alive, busy, and inviting. Even if most of the floor is losing, the sounds and lights make it seem as if everyone is actually winning.

8. Ambience
Aside from the machines themselves, the lighting in casinos is usually low and mellow. This helps it give a homey feel, just as if you were sitting in the couch at home. This environment encourages a sense of safety and security. Strong lighting may be uncomfortable for people, causing them to feel exposed and shy away.

Even the carpeting is chosen to specifically influence the human eye, with complex and diverse patterns designed to mesmerize the brain and create a sense of welcoming.

The soundtrack being played should also be mellow and relaxing, to give a sense of warmth and comfort to people, making the casino a pleasant environment from which they may be reluctant to leave.


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