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eGameProvider's casino administrative software

A big part of any successful business is good casino admin software (back office). Records and data being kept accurately, any kind information regarding the day to day operation should be readily and easily available, and what to do with the info are all keys to achieve prosperity.

With our in-house casino management system, all of this and more will be readily available for your operation of an internet cafe casino.

Back office has been developed with user friendliness in mind, so everyone will be able to understand the purpose and design of it.

Casino Administrative Software

The system recognizes 4 basic entities:
• Agent: This is the basic starting point for all our clients. An "agent" is simply a person in the hierarchy you will create. This person could be you, or someone under you who you will do business with. When we use the word "under", this means you have access to this persons account, and you will be able to see all data within that account, as well as transfer credits to and from this entity. Before being able to create players, an agent will first have to create a "café". This simply is another word for a shop or locale.
• Cafe/Shop: Once an agent wants to do business, he will create a "café". This node will allow the shop owner to start creating his players. And in case an owner has more than one shop, he can easily create more cafes, and group his players to the corresponding café, this way he will keep all his accounting and information in an orderly fashion.
• Cashiers: each café could have one or more cashiers. This is very important in order to keep track of each transaction if there are more employees working in shifts.
• Players: Once a café has been created, players can then be added to each specific shop. Player creation is quick and easy, allowing for several accounts to be created within minutes. The owner has the choice of assigning a specific username for players, or a random username our system will generate.

It is possible then to do transfers of credits between Agents - Cafe - Cashiers - players and obviously a reporting tool is available as well. The users of casino admin software then have access to:
• Summary Report
• Cafes report
• Games overview
• Credit balance report
• Transactions report
• Trend reports

Another great feature in these reports, is that every single spin, or play, is archived in our system. If a client has any doubts in regards to a particular spin or hand, the operator can simply pull up his game detail, locate the hand or spin in question, and see a screenshot of the reels or cards, along with all the bet and payout info. An operator will be able to give a client an answer in a manner of minutes, avoiding misunderstandings of any kind.

Due to the fact our system is web-based, the clients have the ability to log in and check their operations from any device, as long as there is an internet connection and browser on said device. This feature is especially useful for people on the go, who will not always be in the office or have access to a PC in order to check their affairs.


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