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One of the main tools to attract new clients to your online casino is the use of bonus offers. These offers are always enticing, since they give prospective players a chance to receive what they see as "free money". As with our previous article regarding jackpots, knowing HOW to set up a bonus can not only help you attract new clients, but also profit even more from you established players.

The most commonly used form of bonus is the "100% match play". This means that whatever the client deposits, he will receive the same amount "matched" by the casino. So if a client deposits $100, he will receive another $100 to play with. These bonus funds are usually deposited in a separate "bonus" account, but not always.

In order to prevent clients from simply withdrawing the extra funds and making a profit, the casino has to set some type of system to negate this. This is where the "play through" or "rollover" appears. These terms simply mean how many times the bonus amount given must be played before allowing the client to withdraw his funds. So using the previous example, a customer received $100 in bonus money, and to this was attached a 30x "rollover". Meaning: 100 x 30 = 3000. This in turn illustrates that a client will have to accumulate $3000 in plays (win or lose) before he is eligible to pay out.

The reason for this particular bonus structure is as follows:

Taking into account that a standard hold is 8%, which equals 0.92% return to player (RTP). Your "risk calculator" could look like this:

This is your bonus amount (100) multiplied by your hold percentage raised exponentially to your rollover requirement. The result is the total risk you would take by offering this particular bonus, which is only 8.2 dollars, not much.

On the other hand, if you set up the same previous example, but cut the rollover requirement by half, you would look at something like this:

Here you can observe that just by cutting your rollover in half, you have basically tripled the amount in risk.

Another important thing is to remove some special games from roll over or play thru requirements. Here we are talking about card games, table games and casino games. These games have the RTP much higher than slot games. E.g. Blackjack over 99%, some video pokers over 98% and European roulette 97.5%.

Keep in mind, there are several types of bonuses and ways to accommodate them to your particular business and profit from them, just remember to always be wary of clients known for "bonus hunting" and trying to take advantage of these systems.

Normally, most operations attach terms and conditions to these bonuses, which usually state that if you have accepted a bonus and have played any of said bonus, when you request a payout, all bonus money and earnings from the bonus money will be reset to zero. On the other hand, some operations state that if you touch the bonus money at all, you are not allowed to take out any money at all until the rollover requirement is met. That's why the highroller gamblers will never accept a bonus, being knowledgeable of the risks that entail them.


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