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The bingo we know today is a direct descendant of an Italian game played since the 1530's. In that time, the Italian national lottery was established and has been held basically without interruption to this day. Considering it brings in about 75 million dollars annually to Italian government's coffers today, the popularity of the game goes without saying.

The modern form of bingo we know started off as a carnival game, which copied its basic rules from the Italian lotto, which was basically a system where players were given a card with a set of random numbers, and later a "caller" would start drawing numbers and the first person to complete a row, either across, vertically or diagonally, would win the game.

After an entrepreneur saw the opportunity to market the game, he started producing a "home version" of the game, with a set of random number cards and beans (to place on the called numbers). He boxed it, and one night when testing with friends, one yelled out BINGO, instead of BEANO (which was its name originally).

The game became very popular almost overnight, especially in churches and fundraisers, where the income was great, people would have fun playing, and the winners would still receive a prize in the end.

Egameprovider offers an excellent version of the bingo game. The single player Quick Bingo game is a great choice for players who want to enjoy the bingo atmosphere, but have a chance to play more games in the same timespan a traditional bingo game would last, in order to have a chance at more profit. Also, the advantage of single player is the fact that no one else will finish before your player does! No more waiting tensely as numbers are called, only to see another person win the prize your player had already set eyes on.

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The word keno has Latin roots, meaning something like "five each", however, all information points to the game originating in China. A legend says the game actually accounted for much of the funds used to build the Great Wall. It's no surprise then, that history traces keno being played in the U.S.A coinciding with the use of immigrant Chinese workers helping to build the transcontinental railroad. By 1866 it had become a very popular game in Houston, Texas, under the name "Keno".

In traditional casinos, keno is played similarly to a lottery. Players can choose 20 numbers out of 80. At set intervals, a random drawing of the numbers will take place, with a "caller" showing and calling out loud the numbers drawn, along with a "verifier" to see that everything is done correctly and fairly. The player is paid on how many numbers drawn match the numbers selected by the player. Each casino has its own pay tables and house edges, so players usually know which casinos to avoid or enter based on this.

Egameprovider not only provides one keno, but four complete games of keno Classic Keno, Power Keno, Super Keno and Extra Keno are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Offering power balls that pay up to 4x, you do not want your players to miss the excitement provided by playing keno!

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