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Adding an online variant to your land based Casino

If you are already involved in the gaming industry, and are looking for a way to increase your revenue without changing your business model or making a big investment, you may want to look at adding an online variant to your existing physical platform. With a small setup fee for a domain, design, etc., you can add a functional website that will cater to your existing clients and perhaps even bring new clients in.

For your existing customers, this may result in additional income, due to the fact that while they are used to playing in your shop, they may also be compelled to play at home and spend that extra money. An online version of your casino will give you an amount of flexibility you were not afforded previously. Clients can play from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. This means they can play after your shop is closed, or even before it opens! Not only that, but remember, you are getting your OWN page. You will be in control of your players, reports, and all data. You will be able to post announcements, new games, bonuses, and any kind of info since you are in control. You can name the page whatever you want, design a logo, and start creating your own brand. A great strategy for owners of land based operations, such as internet cafe casinos, is to teach your players to "go online". This means educating your players about playing from home - perhaps depositing in the physical shop, but being able to play on any device that has internet, such as a pc, phone, or tablet. The second step in this direction would then be showing players how to make deposits online. This will result in even more activity at all times of day. You just sit back and collect.

Our casino management system will fulfill all your requirements. If you decide to open a merchant account, our online casino will integrate it quickly and easily since it is "open". This quality is very important since different markets may have different practices in regards to payment options. Therefore, you are free to add any type of deposit and withdrawal methods - starting with a credit card option, and continuing on to e-wallets (skrill, neteller) and finishing with the newer digital currencies, such as bitcoins. The most important thing to remember is that the online casino will be yours. You will be the owner of the domain as well as the database of the players, giving you complete control and a better grasp of your business.

All in all, adding an online casino to your existing one is an inexpensive and very quick way to expand your business.

As developers, we are committed to creating solutions that will meet the demands of the industry and will facilitate the user experience. In the near future, we expect to offer an almost turn-key online casino solution, so stay tuned for further updates!


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